Truth Stands Alone Ministries
Focused on standing for BIBLICAL TRUTH in a time of blatant apostasy!!!

Truth Stands Alone in ADVERSITY!
Truth Stands Alone in times of APOSTASY!
Truth Stands Alone as the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY!
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You may Email me at the following address:

As you might surmise, we recieve a tremendous amount of emails from which we must filter out a mountain of spam. So please be patient, and if you get no response it's possible our spam filter has flagged your email incorrectly.

Our ministry mailing address is:


Phone: (850) 626-0753

There are many ways you can support this ministry, the first, and most effective means is on your knees in prayer.

Secondly, there are a number of ways you can donate should the Lord lay it upon your heart.  These may change, but for now they are as follows:

You can send financial offerings in form of a gift card, check, or money order via regular mail to the contact address above in the name of Robert Breaker.

You can donate via Paypal by sending an offering to:  Laurabeth1611@yahoo.com

Or you can donate via Bitcoin. The Bitcoin address for donations is: 1P2kTdHpT7qjfzVnCKSf4ESth3DA75YxNA

Note:  If you make a donation by Bitcoin, I have no way to connect the donation with your email address.  If you would like me to confirm receipt of the donation (and send a thank you email!), you’ll need to send me an email with the details of the transaction.  Otherwise, you have my thanks for your support in advance!

Hopefully, in the future we can figure out a way for you to give via credit card offerings.  But we are just getting started.  TRUTH STANDS ALONE MINISTRIES was started as a ministry to fill the need the world has for Jesus Christ our Saviour, and to share Biblical truth in a crazy, mixed-up world frought with many getting their information from persons who don't even know God.

We will continue this ministry for as long as we can physically and financially afford to.  If you want to share in the Spiritual rewards, we encourage you to be a part of this ministry.

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