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Focused on standing for BIBLICAL TRUTH in a time of blatant apostasy!!!

Truth Stands Alone in ADVERSITY!
Truth Stands Alone in times of APOSTASY!
Truth Stands Alone as the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY!
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Truth Stands Alone Ministries is the name Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker has given to the many ministries God has given him as he takes the blessed Gospel of Salvation of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 to the lost and dying world.

Robert Breaker is an ordained, Bible Believing, Independent Baptist Preacher who's been serving the Lord since he was saved at the early age of 18.  He started by simply preaching on the street corner, and then later, while in Bible school, he gained experience as he pastored a small local church in his area.

After graduating from Bible Institute, Brother Breaker worked as a Missionary in Honduras, where he planted several churches.  He is now working as a Missionary Evangelist to the Spanish and English Speaking people, as well as uploading weekly sermon videos in both English and Spanish at www.thecloudchurch.org and www.laiglesiadelanube.com.

Robert also has helped plant several Spanish-speaking churches in the United States, has taught in Bible Institutes in Spanish in various countries, has worked on a project of translating the word of God into Spanish from the King James Bible, and is actively engaged in online Bible Study verse-by-verse, as he not only evangelizes the sinner, but seeks to edify the saints as well.

Brother Breaker has a a unique and varied ministry, and God continues to use Brother Breaker in many ways.  To learn more about what God's doing with him and the many ministries he's involved in, go to the home page and click on the various ministries there. To find out how to invite Evangelist Breaker to your church or conference click on contact above.

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